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For all you doom lovers, there’s a very cool 3 disc edition of NIGHTFALL coming your way soon!
Not only the legendary album, but also a whole cd full of outtakes from the mix of the album.
Versions of such songs as “Bewitched” “Well of Souls” and “At the Gallows End” as you never heard them before. The third disc is a rehearsal a week or so before the recording. Not super sounding, but very intense, and shows a band burning for metal, determined to success! if you’re a true fan of Candlemass, you’ll love this expanded version of a true classic doom metal record!!

Pre-order here!


NightfallWe’ve found lot’s of cool photos to show and they will be uploaded week by week up to christmas. First gig in Jönköping, Dynamo Festival etc etc.
Speaking about Dynamo, we have a video clip from our breakthrough gig, and the entire show will be available on dvd in the upcoming Candlemass Jubilee Box released by Peaceville next year. The webshop will be up and running very soon as well.
Also don’t forget to check out the rehearsal tape of “Dark are the Veils” !!
Photos from the first gig in Jönköping sep 5 1987 HERE!

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