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“The Pendulum” – the masterful new EP by the undisputed kings of epic doom, staving off your hunger for more until CANDLEMASS’ next full-length hits!

Grammy-nominated classic doom icons CANDLEMASS don’t even need to drop a full-length for every release to prove they belong at the top of an entire genre and beyond. Fully comprised of never-before-heard, unused tracks cut from the The Door To Doom recording sessions, the bandโ€™s masterful new EP, The Pendulum, perfectly showcases that these timeless Swedish pioneers are the undisputed kings of epic doom. The fully-mastered EP opener/title track โ€œThe Pendulumโ€ charges in with a melodic, head-swinging, thrashy rush – setting the stage for the raw, unfiltered steamrolling demo cut, “Porcelain Skullโ€, encapsulating the listener in unadulterated doom heaviness. The six track EP leads the listener through a maze of frenzied riffing, accented by Leif Edling’s distinctive, penetrating vocals and the unique, melancholy sound that has proven CANDLEMASS as a heavy metal staple. The Pendulum is a MUST-HAVE for every classic doom record collection, and will stave off the hunger for more until the band’s next full-length hits.

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What the fuck happened?? US Grammy nomination?!! Wow!!We’re happy, thrilled, excited n shocked! But very glad to be there this strange comeback year 2019 when C-mass seem to be hotter than ever and Johan is back after 33 years in “hibernation” ๐Ÿ™‚

Mega thanks also to Tony Iommi who was cooler than cool to say Yes to a bunch of old doomsters from sweden!

We would like to extend our gratitudes to mr Marcus Jidell who made “Astorolus” sound like the beast it is, mr Niklas Flyckt who did the amazing mix, manager Ole Bang for obvious reasons and last but not least, the great people at Napalm Records that put alot of work/sweat/effort into making “The Door to Doom” a total worldwide success! We love you all ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

See ya all in LA next year!!ย ย ย 

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