Date: April 3 2009
Digi no: 158067
Lp no: 158153
CD no: 158071
Label: Nuclear Blast

Info: DEATH MAGIC DOOM is available on limited edition vinyl 1000 copies.
It comes with a special edition 7” single featuring the 2009 version of ”Lucifer Rising” and the ep version of ”White God”. The box set comes with a skull logo flag.

Track List:
If I Ever Die
Hammer of Doom
The Bleeding Baroness
Demon of the Deep
House of 1000 Voices
Dead Angel
Clouds of Dementia
My Funeral Dreams

Digipack bonus:
Lucifer Rising (album version)

I started to write the album early november 2007. Had a few ideas already and since I hadn’t written anything since january 2006 I felt pretty inspired. ”Clouds” and ”Demon of the Deep” came rather easy. I worked a lot on ”Bleeding Baroness” and ”Dead Angel”. The only song that was a bitch really was ”House of 1000 voices”. I struggled with the verse…it had to be simple, but also cool at the same time. And the chorus and mid section was also a bit problematic until I got it. I must say that the most difficult part this time was to arrange the songs so they won’t be built in the same way. They had to be different!!

I started to demo the songs in april 2008 with my friend Mats Levén (as usual). It took about a month. We always keep it simple so Mappe, Lars, Jan and Robert can put their own mark on the songs. Keyboard drums and bass, Mats puts a guitar on + the vocals….done!! One song takes one to two hours to do, and we normally do a couple per session.

So I had cd’s for everybody to listen to just before we took off to the states. 8 tracks. The tourbus is the perfect place to listen to the new stuff! Well…if people actually did that is a different matter…but theoretically, hahahaha!! I took the time anyway to listen to it and work a bit on the lyrics. I wanted the album to be more broad and straight than K.O.T.G.I.. That one was really dark! The new one had to be more ”accessible”….and even better. I think we achieved that.

The songs are about immortality (”If I ever Die”). When you are young you don’t think you can die! ”Demon of the Deep” is my version of the Chtulu myth, and ”Hammer of Doom” is of course about severe depressions. ”The Bleeding Baroness” has got a vampire theme. This old vampire that desperately wants to return to her past glory. Still wants to be young and beautiful…don’t we all ”Clouds of Dementia” deals with the topic of insanity and ”Dead Angel” is about still having the fire inside you. The only song that took some time in the lyrical department was (of course) ”House of 1000 Voices”. It had to be good…and right!
It’s about these horrible killings in Jersey, England, at this orphanage. So for once we have some reality on the plate with Death Magic Doom.

I worked with the lyrics and the arrangements over summer, before we started to rehearse the songs in august 2008. We did that rather intensly for a month. Entered the Polar Studios in the end of august and recorded the album over 10 days as usual. Robert was here in Stockholm with us and we worked together on the new songs. Went through the words and harmonies, maybe changed a few things. I think you can hear that this is more a band effort than the last album. The band is soo tight and Robert fits like a glove! He does an incredible job on Death Magic Doom, and so does everybody I think. Lars solos are just great too..!!

Lars used his brand new Hughes and Kettner in the studio, and Mappe got a Marshall JVM direct from the factory, haha!! Great tone in that one. Both modern and warm like the old ones. Janne rented a wooden snare and took off the skins under the toms, and I lined my bass straight into the mixing desk as I always do. Can’t be bothered to drag my gear to the studio 🙂
Chris Laney worked with us in the studio, miked our gear, worked the computer, mixed the album and gave us invaluable help!! And everything sounded just great from the start!!

I honestly think that DEATH MAGIC DOOM is the best one after ”Epicus” and ”Nightfall”!!

/Leif (april 09)