Also a classic, even if it today is a bit overlooked. After the beating “Ancient Dreams” received in the press a year earlier, this was definitely a revenge for us. We did a lot of touring with A.D. so the fanbase was still on our side, so we were glad to see that the journos liked TALES and gave it good reviews and write-ups.

“Tales of Creation” was the concept story I started to write with Nemesis 84/85. It never got finished back them, but with Candlemass I thought it was a good idea to do it as our fourth album. Some of the old stuff was on it like “Under the Oak” and “Into the Unfathomed Tower”, together with new tracks as “Dark Reflections”, “Bearer of Pain” , “A Tale of Creation”.

We toured Europe and England a couple of times in 89/90, also went over to the states to play the east coast in the spring 1989. It was us and Liege Lord. Great fun loving guys that took good care of us for a couple of weeks in New York, Baltimore and Washington.

We also went down to Greece for a couple of shows, toured with Motorhead and KingDiamond. Especially the K.D. tour was great and still a fond memory to me. It was us, the King + Savatage. A fantastic combination of bands on absolute top form that played some awesome shows around Europe. I will never forget the snowball fight with them in Germany. Good times!