FullSizeRender (1) (1)This was our breakthrough album! Epicus didn’t sell much when it came out, but NIGHTFALL really hit off from the very beginning. A couple of gigs in England and one at the Dynamo Festival in Holland and life never was the same again!

All of a sudden we were darlings of the press and the hottest metal band on the planet!
Gigs, parties, work, laughs…Never looked back! We had offers from major labels but stayed with London based Active and thought we would be huge. We didn’t, but got a pretty nice career anyway! I have no regrets.

Got some nice shots from that show in the gallery section and a video taken from the festival camera. The whole gig will be available in the upcoming anniversary box from Peaceville Records. Damn good show I must say! Lots of young energy on the stage!

Something you also can hear on the early rehearsal of “Dark are the Veils”. This gem I found in an old shoebox full of cassettes. Didn’t knew it even excisted! Must have been when it was newly written. One of the first rehearsals!

Leif rigYou can see some outdoor shots from those early rehearsals, in front of our little yellow house on the hill. I came directly from my football practice and probably had forgotten all about the fact that we had this photo session. I couldn’t have my football gear on so I had to put on some “left over” clothes from the bottom of the dustbin inside the rehearsal room. Yuk…

I also found photos from the NIGHTFALL sessions. From the laying of the basic tracks at Thunderload and from the mix at Stockholm Recording. Haven’t seen those in years!
Together with some shots from our first gig in Jönköping sep 5 1987, these photos will be shown here on the homepage week by week up to Christmas. Enjoy☺