masterAs I’ve said in many interviews, ANCIENT DREAMS wasn’t an easy album to write, record or mix. I had some writer’s block first but after finishing “Mirror Mirror” it was easier and the songs took shape rather easily. Today I’m very fond of many of the compositions on A.D. even the overdry “Justice For All” inspired sound, that I hated for many years. The album is so f…ing HEAVY it hurts my kidneys and I totally LOVE IT!

The record company refused to re-mix it because of an upcoming tour, so we got some slamming in the press that immediate took us from being the new metal heroes, down to a more sensible “whatever” level. But we toured and toured and toured again. Never gave up. Determined to show people that we weren’t just a fluke. And we never lost our dedicated fans! On the ANCIENT DREAMS tours we played some of the sweatiest, in-your-face, intense gigs ever!

marquee-ticketI will never forget the shows at the Marquee. Fantastic legendary nights! Packed to the ceiling with mad metal maniacs, and we played like demons! Partied with our friends in Europe and the latest Active Records recruits Artch from Iceland. We toured Holland about 37 times that year I think. Still have fond memories of Eindhoven and the classic Dynamo Club. Holland was very good to us!
Messiah also went through his first stage floor this year. Found some photos from that gig at Kolingsborg in Stockholm that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Candlemass also recorded the follow up to the “Bewitched” video on a Swedish winter tour together with our friends in Ice Age. If the VHS gods are with me, I will post some material from this tour on this page very soon!

cmass-marquee88In the meantime I will also put up some of my private photos from the Ancient Dreams tours. Every time I look at them I’m transported back to a time when I didn’t care about anything but present day and the next gig coming up. Life was a bit more easy back then ☺

Leif Edling (nov 2016)