Scandinavias biggest music magazine, Sweden Rock Magazine, have voted Candlemass Best Band in Sweden Ever! In issue 100 (release Jan 8th) 40 rock/metal journalists have voted on the best Swedish bands through time, and Candlemass came in as no.1!
- This is truly incredible says bassist Leif Edling. What an honour! After nearly 30 years of playing, we get this amazing award. I never expected it when they called me. I was totally taken by surprise and had to pinch myself. It could have been Opeth, In Flames, Europe or Entombed, but they choose us! I can’t believe it! We must have done something right :)

‘We recorded some classic albums in the 80’s, but other bands did that too. Maybe it is what we’ve done lately that gave us this award? The newer albums have all been very well received, so perhaps it is what tipped the scale over to our advantage when you look at the entire period? After 28 years in the business we still make great albums. This is an incredible honour that gives our career the ultimate reward!

- I feel fulfilled and proud, Leif smiles. Mappe, Jan, Lars and I have been busting our asses for so many years now, and it means everything to us, this award! We don’t have to do long tours anymore, we don’t have to release an album every year or so, we need no Grammy nominations. We have nothing more to prove! We are the best band in Sweden of all time, for god’s sake! We can relax now!!

- Well…lately the phone has been ringing like crazy, so there’s no time to rest just yet, hehe! We got lots of gigs coming up next year, the Sweden Rock Magazine party on Jan 25th plus a whole bunch of cool shows, including…hopefully…an Ancient Dreams special anniversary show in Stockholm next fall/winter. It would be great if we could do that!

So, a sincere and heartfelt thanks from Candlemass to all our fans that have stood by us all these years…all of you that bought our records and came to the shows..and of course all of the journalists that voted for us! We love you all!!

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